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Morning leg cramps are gone!

"Not only do I not have leg cramps in the morning
(which had previously occured every morning) I sleep
without tossing & turning all night long, this after 3 days of use!
Great product."

*Results May Vary Person to Person

M. Dorn, Raleigh

Thank You

"Approximately a year ago I was diagnosed with a heart condition, PVC's. I had them constantly. I could not walk to the mail box and back without having to set down. Anyone who has experienced PVC's knows how frightening they are. I ordered the Coral Calcium and in a matter of a few days I felt like a different person. I have not experienced PVC's since. I have been on the calcium for 6 weeks now!! I am only 49 years old and I thought my life was over. Thank you Mr. Barefoot for sharing your knowledge and putting it in a capsule!!!! God bless you."

*Results May Vary Person to Person

D. Criswell, Williamsburg

Healing Without Pain

"2 weeks ago I had back surgery, A friend of mine told me to take Coral Supreme before the operation and to continue after I got home. This is the second and hopefully the last back operation I should have. I was miserable after the first one and I feel great this time. I recommend Coral Calcium to all my friends."

*Results May Vary Person to Person

George, New Jersey


"I have had problems with my teeth for years haveing had root canals done and teeth pulled I had a tooth that had abscessed for 8 months without the dentist being able to find it when he finally did the tooth had to be pulled but the gum area where it had come out stayed severly tender and the jaw bone in that area was always hurting until coral calcium within 3 days the pain had almost completely disappeared and it has been two weeks and I cant beleive the improvement in my teeth and jaw bones thanks so much Mr. Barefoot for letting us know about coral calcium."

*Results May Vary Person to Person

Wendi, Michigan